The only thing better than a great story
is sharing it.


What we do and how we do it

We love a good story

You know, the kind where your curiosity is piqued? And before you know it, you’re flying down the road with the Hero to do ‘who-knows-what’ – but it’s interesting and you’re right there.

That’s what we do. We shape and share stories.

Through stories relationships are begun. And through relationships sales are built.

  • our specialty

    The stories of new places to ‘hang one’s hat’ have been our focus for quite some time now. Up-town, downtown, out-of-town and entire new towns – the creation of where and how people choose to live captures our imagination.

    Home builders and developers are our best collaborators: neighborhoods, master planned communities, retail & hospitality.

    What can we say. We’re honored every time we begin with
    a new place, a new possibility, a new story.

  • our specialty

    When it comes to doing business, we’re old school.

    You can count on us to do what we say we’re going to do, on time and within budget. We take our responsibilities to heart and we’ll always tell you the truth – even when it’s hard to hear.

    This is how we’ve earned a reputation as an industry leader
    for over 30 years.

    That’s our story. We would love to hear yours. 

  • our specialty


    • Brand Development & Positioning
    • Place Making
    • Creative Concepting & Design
    • Strategic Planning & Implementation
    • Results Measurement


    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Advertising (Online, PPC, Print, Outdoor)
    • Social Media, Content & Email Marketing
    • Events & Experiences
    • Website Development

We shape and share stories


We're proud of how we work

Our processes and systems are different than most of our competitors. They’re modeled after those of big agencies and tailored to real estate.


A rigorous sizing up of your product vs. your competitor’s, using our signature F.A.C.E. methodology, producing a market positioning blueprint which outlines exactly what is needed for success.
Working from a disciplined creative brief, a campaign concept is crafted. Our goal is to create the most emotionally compelling messages about your product, conveying your key USPs in a genuine, believable tone.
We see this phase as a highly creative endeavor, finding all the most effective and ingenious media pathways through which we strategically connect to the consumer.
This phase is the final execution of all creative materials and strategies, including advertising (online and offline) brochures/collateral, social media programs, signage, websites and promotions/experiences.
Through analytics, we review what’s working really well and adjust strategies accordingly. Today, marketing is an evolving process.


A few favorites

1600 at Artesia Square

1600 at Artesia Square

multicultural live/work neighborhood
Mountain House

Mountain House

large scale master planned community
Escena Palm Springs

Escena Palm Springs

private, golf master planned community
Rancho San Juan

Rancho San Juan

outlying gated community


coastal master planned community


luxury Waikiki high-rise apartment


hip LA Live high-rise apartment


Pasadena mixed-use mid-rise
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Our social stream


marketing, design & other insights.

marketing to Chinese

Marketing to Chinese Luxury Consumers

This article is a must read for marketers with a Chinese audience, although the concept applies to any group, just with appropriate nuances. Getting it right sends a respectful message that translates to brand building, loyalty and a long term relationship.

^Read the article here

Roxburgh Agency Home Page Series

How a Home Page tells a Brand Story.

Many in the Building Industry have candidly asked us…

What’s up the the home page?

Why do you change your home page so often and why those images? They are…well – different.

Yes they are. And here is why…

Sharing a  brand story.

The most powerful opportunity to share a brand story is a brand’s website. This is a peice of real estate that should not get stuck in a time-warp. Digital is evolving and a brand that is current evolves with it.  Add to this that images that stir your imagination establish an unconscious connection faster than any block of copy ever could. Where better to demonstrate these marketing concepts than on the home page of our own branded website?

The brand story of Roxburgh is always a story of being captivating, evocative, and soulful for our clients’ success.

Our home page changes with unexpected imagery that tells life stories that pique curiousity and emotion. As a marketing firm, we are known for great design that connects to customers. No matter the medium, relationships start when a product becomes noticably relevant to a person.

KEY POINT: Marketing at its core is about sharing our clients’ offerings in ways that:

1. Get Noticed

2. Get Liked

3. Get Remembered

4. Get Acted Upon

And while the customer journey may start in Social, Outdoor, or Search…it will lead to your website.

Stories roll out over time and flow in the digital space.

The Roxburgh home page is telling our story and thanks to technology it changes as easily as we change. Still, there is a constant in each image that ties back to what our brand is all about. The pursuit of connection and emotion through stories.

KEY POINT: Today being nimble is being strong. Always stay consistent in messaging and ‘on brand’ to gain momentum.

The story so far for your enjoyment

Here are our home pages so far. Click the title below each home page  to learn more about the thinking behind each design. It’s the careful intention that we put into all our work that makes it get noticed – which is the first step.

Sea Shore by Roxburgh Agency

Design as an Experience

We are happy to share “Sea Shore” – the fourth of a series for illustrating how we think about design in marketing.  Once more, we turn to one of our art directors, Jean, to learn more.

Where did you find this image?

“I took this image with my iPhone. As far as quality, it may not be that great a picture, but it captures my experience beautifully. And today people relate to the look of a picture taken on your phone. It’s more personal in a way.

This was taken at Splash in the Surf & Sand Hotel in Laguna Beach on a hot summer day. There’s a feeling of pure relaxation that the beach offers. An optimistic release.

We are so lucky to have this in California.

Why did you pick this image for

Because the beach connects everyone. And marketing is about connection.

Everyone has a different lifestyle and point of view, but they all love the beach in their own way. People go to connect with the ocean and each other in a relaxing way.

And at the end of it all, everybody has a story to tell about how wonderful their day was.

The headline “stories are the pathways to connection” is about this image and about what Roxburgh Click to read more.

Red Pen Version 2 Released.

If you haven’t heard of yet, now is a perfect time to check it out. They just released “Version 2″ with some cool new features.

What is it?

Red Pen is a handy little collaboration and review tool that simplifies the process of creative reviews and approvals. It makes sharing, commenting, and getting updates on design projects lightning fast, and most importantly…simple.

The best part?

While there are some small limitations, you can share single files for collaboration for free. They also offer more robust project management options with their Pro packages, but for a lot of people just single files will suit their needs just fine. To get started it’s as easy as dragging and Click to read more.

header2a-copy-1 copy

Gmail goes all Pinterest.

We recently signed up for a preview of a new toggle feature Gmail is testing. They’ve made an option to view their “Promotions” tab in a grid view. Making it much more image heavy. To the point where it closely resembles the layout of Pinterest.

Most of the emails that will fall into the Promotions tab are your typical email newsletter campaigns. Which we think is pretty cool, as most of the time it’s the imagery that’s so vital to a campaign.

However, this new feature will also have to be coded into the html of your email if you really want to control the presentation of it. Right now most aren’t accounting for this change, as it’s still in a testing phase, but just to give you an idea of how it can make or break things:



As you can see, some things work out well, and Click to read more.


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Located in Orange County, California, The Roxburgh Agency provides integrated services in branding, marketing and advertising for residential and commercial real estate; master planned communities; hospitality and retail clients.

Since its 1980 inception, Roxburgh has earned more than 300 international, national and regional awards that honor excellence in marketing, advertising, and design for a full range of media applications.