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Roxburgh selected for Master Plan in Bakersfield

We are excited to share that Roxburgh has been selected to market a new master plan in Bakersfield by the highly respected developer and homebuilder, Woodbridge Pacific Group (WPG).

The first mixed-use village will consist of some 800 homes designed for move-up, and luxury segments along with two age-restricted neighborhoods, a gated upscale apartment neighborhood and an assisted living/memory care facility.  A specialty shopping center is planned within walking distance of the new community.


The Bakersfield submarket is not new for us, as Roxburgh served as agency of record for Castle & Cooke’s Villages of Stockdale a few years back.

That said, the area’s economy and employment base has grown substantially. Today it is the fifth fastest growing (by percentage) economy in the country and leading indicators point to a strong and sustained real estate market.


Consumer research and design/planning meetings area underway.  Using the Roxburgh F.A.C.E. process, the community brand strategy is nearly complete.

WPG expects to tap local homebuilders for most of the new neighborhoods with formal discussions beginning later this year. The master planned village is expected to debut in late 2015.


Developing a great new place? Connect with us at at or (714) 556-4365.  The Roxburgh Agency is located in Costa Mesa, California – but we work on places in many locations.


Social Media Update (Facebook)

One of our favorite research sites, Pew Internet, has just released their 2013 Social Media Update. And amid the flurry of articles about how Facebook is “so uncool” and “dead and buried.” Pew Internet opens strongly with:

“42% of online adults use multiple social networking sites, but Facebook remains the platform of choice.”


    Facebook may be “uncool.” But with 79% of 30-49 year-olds and 60% of 50-64 year-olds using Facebook, it’s feeling very cool for our clients in real estate.
    Yes – Social is constantly changing, but for 2014 this is something that can’t be ignored.


Facebook is becoming even more like a ‘traditional’ media channel.


Looking at Facebook Insights data for our clients over the past few months, we’ve seen what marketers around the world are complaining about. The “Free” ride over on Facebook has become “Less Free” and more like a traditional paid media channel.


Here’s why:

Organic Reach has Been Cut. How many of your fans see your posts for FREE has dropped significantly due to how Facebook’s algorithms work. Now it’s effectively ‘pay-to-play’.


So is Facebook worth a larger part of your media budget in 2014?

Done well and given its ability to target an audience, we’d say “YES” with three requirements:

1. Have a clear objective for your activity. (i.e. drive traffic to your website, increase leads and/or build a brand for the long-term).

2. Stay on target with high quality content for your target customers with helpful and interesting content. (For those, who insist on thinly veiled advertising-styled posts over and over…well you may want to rethink that approach.)

3. Be Nimble. Understand what works and what doesn’t. (Note: Using Facebook Insights is key here.) Then do more of the former.


Call us at (714)556-4365 or email us at for more info on our social media programs.


more? Get PEW’s 2013 Social Media Update: here.

roxburgh holiday design

Design. Include the Unexpected.

The holiday home page image “In the Garden” was selected as the second of a series for to share how we think about design in marketing. We asked one of our art directors, Jean about it.

Where did you find this image?

I took this one last May during the Laguna Beach garden walk. We go on it every year as it’s just so lovely and creative.

This mermaid was tucked into a far corner of a garden. I was wandering on my own when I stumbled across it. It was a surprise floating there…surrounded by flowers. I’m not sure if anyone else on the tour noticed it.

Why did you pick this image for

We picked this one for the holidays as it has a dreamy, wishful quality to it that fits the season beautifully, but it isn’t ‘the usual’.

The unexpected elements in a design can lift an experience to be something really special, delightful and noticeable.   That’s why it fits Roxburgh.  It evokes the emotion and story we want, in way that doesn’t blend in.